Rediscovering Darwin: Evolutionary Theory in Archeological Explanation

C. Michael Barton and G. A. Clark, Editors
Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association Number 7


C. Michael Barton

Michael B. Schiffer

I. Introduction

Evolutionary Theory in Archaeological Explanation
C. Michael Barton and G. A. Clark

II. General Theory and Method in Evolutionary Archaeology


The Concept of Evolution in Early Twentieth Century Americanist Archaeology
R. Lee Lymand and Michael J. O’Brien

Why the Muddle in the Middle Matters: The Language of Comparative and Direct in Hominid Evolution
John Gowlett

Cognitive Archaeology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Cultural Transmission, with Particular Reference to Religious Ideas
Steven Mithen

Methodology of Comparison in Evolutionary Archaeology
Hector Neff and Daniel O. Larson

Content as Variability, Result as Selection: Toward a Behavioral Definition of Technology
Peter Bleed

III. Material Culture, Behavior and Middle Range Theory


Technology, Flaked Stone Technology, and Risk
Douglas B. Bamforth and Peter Bleed

Stone Tools, Style, and Social Identity: an Evolutionary Perspective on the Archaeological Record
C. Michael Barton

Seeking Guidelines through and Evolutionary Approach: Style Revisited among the !Kung San (Ju/’Hoansi) of the 1990s
Polly Wiessner

Evolutionary Implications of Metrical Variation in Great Basin Projectile Points
Robert Bettinger and Jelmer Eerkens

Transmission Theory in the Study of Stone Tools: A Midwestern Example
Michael Shott

IV. Case Studies and Applications in Paleoanthropology and Archaeology


Aspects of Early Hominid Sociality: An Evolutionary Perspective
Geoffrey A. Clark

The Mode and Tempo of the Initial Human Colonization of Empty Landmasses: Sahul and the Americas Compared
Esmée Webb and David Rindos

Rational Behavior, the Adoption of Agriculture, and the Organization of Subsistence during the Late Archaic Period in the Greater Tuscon Basin
Michael W. Diehl

Conspicuous Consumption as Wasteful Advertising: A Darwinian Perspective on Spatial Patterns in Classic Maya Terminal Monument Dates
Fraser Neiman

Behavioral Ecology and the Archaeological Consequences of Central Place Foraging among the Meriam
Douglas W. Bird

V. Epilogue

Rediscovering Darwin
G. A. Clark and C. Michael Barton

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