Foundations of Power in the Prehispanic Andes

Kevin J. Vaughn, Dennis Ogburn, and Christina A. Conlee, Editors
Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association Number 14



The Foundations of Power in the Prehispanic Andes: An Introduction
Christina A. Conlee and Dennis Ogburn

Preludes to Power in the Highland Late Preceramic Period
Mark Aldenderfer

Power and the Emergence of Complex Polities in the Peruvian Preceramic
Jonathan Haas, Winifred Creamer, and Alvaro Ruiz

Power, Fairness, and Architecture: Modeling Early Chiefdom Development in the Central Andes
Charles Stanish and Kevin J. Haley

The Evolution of Authority and Power at Chavín de Huántar, Peru
John W. Rick

Trade and Social Power in the Southern Titicaca Basin Formative
Matthew S. Bandy

Crafts and the Materialization of Chiefly Power in Nasca
Kevin J. Vaughn

Sacred Landscapes and Imperial Ideologies: The Wari Empire in Sondondo, Peru
Katharina Schreiber

Architecture and Power on the Wari-Tiwanaku Frontier
Donna J. Nash and Patrick Ryan Williams

Collapse as Cultural Revolution: Power and Identity in the Tiwanaku to Pacajes Transition
John Wayne Janusek

The Expansion, Diversification, and Segmentation of Power in Late Prehispanic Nasca
Christina A. Conlee

Dynamic Display, Propaganda, and the Reinforcement of Provincial Power in the Inca Empire
Dennis Ogburn

La Chichera y El Patrón: Chicha and the Energetics of Feasting in the Prehistoric Andes
Justin Jennings

Power and Practice in the Prehispanic Andes: Final Comments
Jerry D. Moore

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Foundations of Power in the Prehispanic Andes

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