Craft and Social Identity

Cathy Lynne Costin and Rita P. Wright, Editors
Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association Number 8




I. Introduction

Introduction: Craft and Social Identity
Cathy Lynne Costin

II. Dimensions of Artisan Identity

Crafts, Chiefs, and Commoners: Production and Control in Precontact Hawai’i
Barbara Lass

Craft Specialization, Gender, and Personhood among the Post-conquest Maya of Yucatan, Mexico
John E. Clark and Stephen D. Houston

Craft Production and Social Identity in Northwest Mesopotamia
Patricia Wattenmaker

Crafting Social Identity in Ur III Southern Mesopotamia
Rita P. Wright

Elite Maya Pottery and Artisans as Social Indicators
Dorie Reents-Budet

III. Crafting and the Social Order

Crafting Cultural Identity in Hunter-Gatherer Economies
Kenneth E. Sassaman

Social Identity and Specialization among Toro Iron Workers in Western Uganda
S. Terry Childs

Housewives, Chosen Women, Skilled Men: Cloth Production and Social Identity in the Late Prehispanic Andes
Cathy Lynne Costin

IV. Avenues to Presige and Power

The Multiple Identities of Aztec Craft Specialists
Elizabeth M. Brumfiel

Ritual Craft Specialists in Middle Range Societies
Katherine A. Spielman

Identity and Social Action among South Indian Craft Producers of the Vijayanagara Period
Carla M. Sinopoli


    • Craft and Social Identity
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