Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World

Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World

Elisabeth A. Bacus and Lisa J. Lucero, Editors

Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association Number 9



Introduction: Issues in the Archaeology of Tropical Polities

Elisabeth A. Bacus and Lisa J. Lucero

The Development of Prehistoric Complex Societies: Amazonia, A Tropical Forest

Anna C. Roosevelt

Water Control and Maya Politics in the Southern Maya Lowlands

Lisa J. Lucero

Women, Labor, and State Formation in Western Uganda

Peter Robertshaw

Prestige and Potency: Political Economies of Protohistoric Visayan Polities

Elisabeth A. Bacus

Staple Finance, Ritual Pig sacrifice, and Ideological Power in Ancient Hawaii

Michael J. Kolb

A Microregional View of Cycling Chiefdoms in the Western Venezuelan Llanos

Elsa M. Redmond, Rafael A. Gasson and Charles S. Spencer

Managing a Tropical Environment: State Development in Early Historical-Era Kedah, Malaysia

Jane Allen

Floodplains and the Development of Complex Society: Comparative Perspectives from the West African Semi-arid Tropics

Susan Keech McIntosh

Water, Urbanization, and Disease in Ancient Indonesia

John N. Miksic

Stone Cities, Green Cities

Elizabeth Graham

Observations on Political Ideology in Complex Societies in the Tropics–and Elsewhere

Mary W. Helms

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  • Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World

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