Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization

Robert G. Elston and Steven L. Kuhn, Editors
Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association Number 12


Introduction: Thinking Small Globally
Steven L. Kuhn and Robert G. Elston

Small Things Remembered: Origins of Early Microlithic Industries in Sub-Saharan Africa 
Stanley H. Ambrose

Backed Bladelets Are a Foreign Country
Angela E. Close

Going Microlithic: A Levantine Perspective on the Adoption of Microlithic Technologies
Michael P. Neeley

Why Microliths? Microlithization in the Levant
Anna Belfer-Cohen and Nigel Goring-Morris

Selecting Small: Microlithic Musings for the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic of Western Europe
Lawrence Guy Straus

Pioneers of Microlithization: The “Proto-Aurignacian” of Southern Europe 
Steven L. Kuhn

Cheap, Regular, and Reliable: Implications of Design Variation in Late Pleistocene Japanese Microblade Technology
Peter Bleed

Microlithic Technology in Northern Asia: A Risk-Minimizing Strategy of the Late Paleolithic and Early Holocene
Robert G. Elston and P. Jeffrey Brantingham

The “Microblade Adaptation” and Recolonization of Siberia during the Late Upper Pleistocene
Ted Goebel

Microblades and Migrations: Ethnic and Economic Models in the Peopling of the Americas
David R. Yesner and Georges Pearson

Pattern and Context in the Holocene Proliferation of Backed Artifacts in Australia
Peter Hiscock

Thinking Big about Small Tools
Robin Torrence

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Thinking Small: Global Perspectives on Microlithization
ISBN 1-931303-09-6
iii + 191 pages
8-1/2 x 11

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