of the American Anthropological Association


The Archaeology Division of the American Anthropological Association was founded in 1983 to advance the study of archaeology as an aspect of anthropology, to provide a forum for members to discuss issues central to the development of archaeology, and to foster the publication and communication of the results of archaeological research and interpretations to anthropologists, to other scholars, and to the general public. Members of the Archaeology Division receive the AAA flagship journal, the American Anthropologist, and publications in the Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association series.

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Membership in the Archaeology Division entitles you to:

  • Represent archaeology in the larger anthropological community
  • Help the AAA represent archaeology in state, federal, and international agencies
  • Participate in the Annual Meeting
  • Serve as an officer of the AD
  • Receive AAA-AD Monographs: Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association
  • Access Anthrosource, a major electronic portal for anthropological information
  • Receive a 25% discount on online orders from the AAA’s publication partner, Wiley-Blackwell
  • Access the AAA’s group insurance plans
  • Reduced membership rates in the Register of Professional Archaeologist

Current membership rates:
Regular: $45
Student $10
Joint $15
International $15
Retired $15

Archaeological survey in Washington County, Tennessee. Photo by Kathryn Sampeck

Deadlines at a glance – 2017
Award Due Date Materials to be submitted Send to Decision Date
A.V. Kidder Award 2020 Award is for Mesoamerican Archaeology February 15, 2020
  • Cover letter of nomination stating qualifications and accomplishments – CV
AD Secretary April 8, 2020
RPA Fieldwork Award Administered via RPA. Finalists nominated to AD for award AD Secretary March 4
AAA Symposium
AD Sponsorship  For the 2017 Annual Meetings in Washington, D.C.
April 15
  • Submit materials to the AAA annual meeting submission portal.
  • Designate the AD as the reviewing section.
Questions: Contact AD Program Chair Session submission:Through AAA submissions website May 15
SAA Symposium
AD Sponsorship  For the 2018 Annual Meetings in Washington, D.C.
August 10
AD deadline
  • Title and abstract of forum or digital symposium
  • Complete list of participants and titles of their papers (if a digital symposium)
  • Complete list of discussion topics for a forum or abstracts of all individual papers in a digital symposium
President Elect August 31 for AD selection

Sept. 5 (SAA notification)

Student Diversity Travel Award Sept. 15
  • Completed Cover Sheet
  • 2 page CV (as pages 2 and 3 in same file as cover sheet)
  • Letter of reference from scholar or advisor who knows your work
AD Secretary October 15
Student Membership Award Sept. 15
  • Your name, address, and email (or other contact information)
  • Your AAA membership number
  • Your institution
  • The degree on which you are working
  • Expected date of this degree
  • The title of your paper/poster that has been accepted for the upcoming annual meeting
  • Is this your first AAA paper (yes or no)
Student Member at Large October 15
AD Grant Program
for Archiving Digital
Data with tDAR
October 1
  • 2-page, single-spaced explanation of files to be uploaded and a description of
    their importance to the discipline
President-Elect November 1