AAA Annual Meeting Archaeology Schedule- 2016 Minneapolis

Patty Jo Watson Distinguished Lecture, Business Meeting and Reception
Please join us this year for the annual Archaeology Division Business Meeting, Patty Jo Watson Distinguished Lecture, and reception. These events will be held on Thursday evening from 6:15-9:00 pm. This year, Randy McGuire will be the Patty Jo Watson Distinguished Lecturer, and he will speak on “The Talking Dog’s Tale: Archaeology is Anthropology.”

Details coming soon.

Sessions Sponsored by the Archaeology Division

Wednesday, Nov. 16 Sessions

8 am – 5 pm: Theory and Praxis in Decolonizing the National Historic Preservation Act (Workshop) Organizers: Kurt Dongoske and Kurt Anschuetz

2-3:45 pm: Archaeologies of Heritage, Memory, and Violence Organizer: Archaeology Division

2-3:45 pm: Mesoamerican Material Culture Studies = sponsored session Organizer: Archaeology Division Thursday,

Thursday, Nov. 17 Sessions

8 am-12: How (and Whether) to Find an Academic Job (Workshop) Organizers: Lynne Goldstein

8-9:45 am: Evidence and Its Effects in the Archaeology of Colonialism: Part One Organizer: Katherine Hayes and Tsim Schneider

10:15am-12: Bodies of Evidence in Bioarchaeological Analysis: New Ways of Knowing Anatomical and Skeletal Collections Organizers: Pamela Stone, Kenneth Nystrom

10:15am-12: Deep Displacement: Excavating the History of Forced Migration and Forced Resettlement (Part 1) Organizers: Nathaniel Parker VanValkenburgh and Anthony R. Oliver-Smith

1:45-3:30 pm: Rethinking Discovery and Evidence: New Social Models for Archaeology of the American Tropical Forest Organizer: Julia A. Hendon and Rosemary Joyce

1:45-3:30 pm: Rock Art, Embodiment, and Identity Organizer: Jamie Hampson and Liam Michael Brady

1:45-3:30 pm: The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Warfare Organizer: Richard Leventhal, Brian Daniels, Corine Wegener, Joe Watkins, & Tiffany Cain

1:45-3:30 pm: Understanding the Making of Scientific Evidence: Fostering Cross Sub-Disciplinary Conversation on the Politics of Forensic Practices Organizer: Jonah Rubin, Zoe Crossland, and Dawnie Steadman

1:45-3:30 pm: Evidence and Its Effects in the Archaeology of Colonialism: Part Two Organizer: Tsim Schneider and Katherine Hayes

6:15-7:30 pm: Reception and Business Meeting of the Archaeology Division President: Patricia McAnany

7:45-9 pm: Patty Jo Watson Distinguished Lecture by Barbara Voss: “On Beyond Agency: Is this the End of the Archaeological Human?” Speaker: Barbara Voss

Friday, Nov. 18 Sessions

8 am-5 pm: Introduction to Social Network Analysis (Workshop) Organizers: H. Russell Bernard, Christopher McCarty, and Jeffrey Johnson

10:15am-12: What Does it Mean to be Complex? Organizer: Kasia Szremski and Lauren E. Kohut

1-5 pm: Executive Board Meeting of the Archaeology Division (Workshop) Organizers: Patricia McAnany and Randolph Widmer

1:45-3:30 pm: Discovering Ancient Globalizations Organizers: Alison Kyra Carter

4- pm: Ceramic Ecology XXX: Current Advances in Ceramic Research Organizer: Kostalena Michelaki, Sandra L. Lopez Varela and Philip Arnold

Saturday, Nov. 19 Sessions

8-9:45 am: Bridging the Gap: A Comparative Examination of Mapping Landscapes in Antiquity Organizer: Rita P. Wright and Eli Nathaniel Dollarhide

10:15 am-12: Space and Society in the Ancient Maya World Organizer: Archaeology Division

10:15 am-12: Bioarchaeologists Speak Out: Challenging the Pundits with Evidence and New Discoveries from the Past (Part 1) Organizer: Jane Buikstra and Debra Martin

1:45-3:30 pm: Displacement in Real Time: Contemporary Archaeologies of Forced and Undocumented Migration (Part 2) Organizer: Yannis Hamilakis and Jason Patrick De Leon

1:45-3:30 pm: Bioarchaeologists Speak Out: Challenging the Pundits with Evidence and New Discoveries from the Past (Part 2) Organizer: Debra Martin and Jane Buikstra

Sunday, Nov. 20 Sessions

8-9:45 am: Advances in North American Archaeology Organizer: Archaeology Division

8-9:45 am: Archaeologies of Eurasia Organizer: Archaeology Division

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